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"Marcia is the founder and curator of the MAMOCHE store in San Telmo. For her, managing the dynamics of a handicraft business is natural as she grew up behind the counter of her family's jewelry store, which is currently located in the Caballito neighborhood. Her grandparents were the ones who started this family legacy, as they dedicated themselves to selling handicrafts on the Argentine coast for 20 years.


The idea of having her own store began after returning from a trip to China, where she decided to make a professional turn, leaving architecture school to focus on what she knew best: recognizing the beauty and enhancing the value of artisanal pieces from our country.

Initially, MAMOCHE opened its doors as a ceramics store. At the age of 21, Marcia would visit various workshops, collecting pieces that ceramicists would allow her to choose. In that process of selecting pieces, they often had tea together, creating an intimate and friendly encounter that still endures today and is the essence of her own store.

Over time, her family legacy moved and motivated her to incorporate pieces created by her own relatives. Among them were 925 silver earrings from her uncles in Mendoza, wool weavings on looms and knitting needles made by another uncle, and wooden toys manufactured by her grandfather. At that moment, the concept of MAMOCHE gained more strength. The more objects coexisted in the store, the more she liked it, and people enjoyed searching and looking at what they could find within that diversity.

Today, MAMOCHE is the continuation of the legacy left by her grandparents: "Promoting crafts from my family and the country."

That's how her mother also got involved and began to collaborate by accompanying her to fairs in search of all kinds of small handmade objects that could coexist in the space she was creating.

What motivates her the most about the project is the immense network that is created. People who come to have their pieces be part of the store, the constant search for new objects, and what happens when someone becomes a part of it, where she says that a very intimate and familiar relationship begins with each person. Marcia doesn't have a cold, commercial relationship with her suppliers; on the contrary, she establishes a friendship with them, and that's what she likes most about the store. Meeting new people all the time and continuing to expand the family."

Posted by Noelia Battista -

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